There’s a city or town for everyone, for me it’s Portland  

if you love nature,wildlife,sustainable cities,forward thinking people,farmers markets,happy children, art,museums,books,biking,hiking,good food,coffee,breweries,craft distilleries,hipsters and rainy days  … then it might be for you too.

My husband has the opportunity to work out of the Oregon or Arizona location,and we have been planning to transfer and move there permanently. 

Long before traveling to Israel, we routinely went up to Portland. That was the beginning of a fun and chaotic journey.

5 temporary year long corporate assignments in 10 years. 3 years in Oregon and 2 in Israel …noooo,we are are not crazy at all 😉 

I miss that city…we both fell in love with Portland, found happiness there ,we fit in and experienced a lot of personal growth. We made a lifetime of happy memories. 

everything is changing now …our two boys are growing up so fast ,it feels like it happened overnight. They are adjusting well to life at home after living abroad, finding direction and discovering passion. Caden is a junior in high school and works as a lifeguard/swimming instructor and he is on varsity cheer. Mason just started high school and is enrolled in a two year sports medicine program that earns dual college credit , looking forward to soccer tryouts, and playing goalkeeper with club soccer.

It’s exciting to see your children happy and interested. We have a good balance right now. Clearly this prefigures our decision to move them. I start back to school in the Fall …everything is falling into place here in AZ. 

Living in the Middle East for two years was an amazing way to have new experiences and grow more as a person, we all gained so much, it changes your perspective, and provided many opportunities to travel to Europe and Africa. Moving to Portland has began to lose its appeal , Eric has a sort-of a “been there done that” attitude about it. …I am sad to see my beloved Portland slip away.

On staying positive, he is frequently there on business, I will just tag along to get my fix of stumptown coffee and the incredible natural beauty of the Northwest!  

 … I loved being back in Oregon this week. We had a good visit with family and friends. Only a few tears for me #bittersweet  

{on to the next adventure }