Haarlem for a day, Israel for a week, Paris for a night

Business trip for my husband and an unexpected trip for me.

Thanks to an invite from my wonderful hubby and what i would call extremely fortunate timing,like time off from school due to spring break … the kiddos are on break too , this means not a lot going on (school activities , sports etc.) this really means ——->this mamma is free to go.

Flights look great too! Right before Passover and Easter is an inexpensive time to travel to the Holy Land and you will avoid the crowds.

Craving delicious Middle Eastern food since we left 8 months ago and missing many friends, ,the beautiful Mediterranean Sea , Jerusalem, Tel Aviv , Jaffa and more…………………………

Despite Eric’s busy work schedule, we were able to plan some quality time together. Traveling along with your spouse on a business trip can be stressful, he has a full week of meetings and work and my sole objective is to pull him away and have fun. As happy as he was to see me, he is engrossed in his job.

OK, so I will declare my Independence!


*First connection Schiphol = day trip to Haarlem.  not to be confused with Harlem, New York,  Haarlem, Netherlands dates back to Gothic times with picturesque canals,cobblestone streets,old churches, hidden gardens and many dutch museums.  I am lucky I have a wonderful Dutch friends who recommended this itinerary 🙂 thanks Petra wish you were here! 

Traveling to and from Haarlem from Schiohol is easy

you change trains at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. Or for a more direct route,which is what I did take Bus 300 called the Zuidtangent which runs every 10-15 minutes between Schiphol airport and Haarlem Central Station. The trip takes about 30-40 minutes. Buses are outside Schiphol airport, Zuidtangent is a big red bus with white writing on a grey background.