Holland for the weekend

Oh how I love Europe! When I was young, I used to dream of escaping my hometown in San Diego and flying far away to London or Paris. I used to dream of looking out at a beautiful view of Italy from a villa. Then, I had the wonderful opportunity to live abroad. My dream of going to Europe came true. That childhood dream has become even stronger today.

en route to Phoenix we stop in London for just the night , not even time to have a beer in an English pub…  I will have to save that for another time. However, I am looking forward to my first full English breakfast in the am , minus the black pudding (blood sausage made of curdled and boiled pig blood, mixed with pork fat and spices. yeah, no thanks) :O

Then it’s back to heathrow after breakfast to send the kiddos to Grandma. It will be their first time flying international by themselves. They are ecstatic! Me, not so much!


Okay , once the boys are home safe then I will be ecstatic too! …and able to relax and enjoy the weekend in my favorite European country.

I meet so many wonderful Dutch friends during our time in Israel.  The Netherlands will always be near and dear to my heart

Style, picturesque windmills , delicious cheese , beer, art <ahem> Van Gogh , beautiful  flowers , architecture , history, castles and of course the wonderful Dutch people are a few reasons why… and did I mention zillions of bicycles?  Like me , they have a love affair with the bicycle and an extensive network of bicycle paths ( Landelijke fietsroutes ) It is possible to bike the entire country along these well marked routes. No wonder the Dutch can eat all the fries and mayonnaise they want, when you ride as much as they do those calories are burned in an instant!