Camel Riders

Cam·el car·a·van n

a group of travelers, as merchants or pilgrims, journeying together for safety in passing through deserts, hostile territory, etc.

Yeah you can pretty much say class-field trips just aren’t the same since we moved to the middle east!

The latest adventure in Jr. high was a three day camel trekk.

Mason, our youngest son, is part of a school science program called GAIA  (Global Awareness, Involvement and Action) where they learn about the environment and sustainable work practices.

They headed about 6 hours south to the Eilat mountains for some fun, creative, hands-on learning  about camels and how  perfectly adapted to the desert and arid hot lands in which they live. Eco-friendly camel trekking methods, preserving the beauty of the region were observed on the trekk …….all this while following the same route as the ancient Nabatean merchants on the spice route in the southern Negev.

This is their second overnight trip to the desert. Eric has parent volunteered on both trips which provide great bonding time for dad and son and gives mom a piece of mind too! 🙂

Ein Avdat National Park and the Ramon Nature reserve

This weekend we headed South with friends to explore Ein Avdat National Park and the Ramon Nature reserve

It’s a bit of a drive out into the middle of nowhere , but in the south much like the north there is plenty to do

We stayed on an Alpaca farm in Mitze Ramon , surrounded by hundreds of llamas ,alpacas ,horses and other animals … this was a big hit with my boys, especially my teenager who has become increasingly difficult to travel with!

The farm offers beautiful views of the sunset and the sunrise, hiking trails, horseback riding and a stargazing tours…and in close proximity to several National Parks

Outside our cozy cabin there was a very large fire pit where we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows 🙂 …the kiddos went out on a  horseback ride in the morning to the creator.

Israel’s northern region,The Golan Heights

When you think of Israel you might not imagine at first that this country is home to some spectacular waterfalls, but I assure you that there is much to be seen, especially in Israel’s northern region, The Golan Heights:
We spent the first day hiking in Metulla at the Nahal Ayoun nature reserve … Nahal Ayoun begins in the Ayoun Valley in Lebanon and runs down into Israel
The Golan Heights region is located in Israel’s upper-right hand corner as seen in the map below, bordering Lebanon to the north, Syria to the east and Jordan to the south. The Golan Heights is generally lush and green, making it an excellent area for hiking and outdoors activities