Beit Yannai Beach and the Nahal Alexander River

 The weather finally started cooling down last week which made biking a comfortable possibility

Israel has an incredibly diverse terrain for a tiny country

Situated at the geological crossroads of three continents (Africa, Asia & Europe), Israel is full of breathtaking terrain. If you love the outdoors you can experience a variety of eco-systems . Prairies,lush fields of wildflowers, rugged desert wilderness,wildlife, the lowest point on earth (the Dead Sea) then there is the Red Sea’s amazing snorkeling and scuba diving with tropical fish, corals and other marine life (to see a clown fish in the wild is pretty special) mountains, snow-covered peaks, winding rivers and countless beaches with clear blue water

 All of this can be found in a country roughly the size of New Jersey

Our first hiking /biking outing of the season Nahal Alexander river and Beit Yannai beach national park

it seems wherever you go in Israel there are ancient ruins and beautiful wildflowers

Alexander stream hiking trail and bike paths are not well maintained and even though my road bike did well I would consider it more of a mountain biking trail ) we ended up riding the entire trail anyway

the endangered soft shell Nile turtles are a highlight in the Alexander stream, I could watch them for hours they are very easy to spot

Pomegranate Juice Stand… in the middle of a hiking trail

Nahal Alexander flows from the mountains of Samaria near Nablus in the West Bank to the Mediterranean Sea, north of Netanya


Beit Yanai Beach National Park where the trail ends (or begins )