One of the Best artists I have ever stumbled upon, ever

Israel is home to a thriving local music scene, with multiple festivals, major concerts, and small-venue local live music

Asaf Avidan , a local Israeli singer- songwriter played an acoustic set yesterday afternoon  in a small venue at Zappa in Herzliya. He is a one of a kind gem, not only is he an incredibly talented and dedicated artist, he is an engaging storyteller.

Singing only in English, his storytelling (here anyways) was in Hebrew . Asaf’s  lovable, cute and charismatic style shined through and even though we didn’t understand a word of these charming stories (and you could really tell they were charming) we thoroughly enjoyed the experience

We went with friends …who you could say ” have connections” 🙂 thanks to them we had a great table up- front …thanks again Jack and Tamara

He played for over two hours and I was in awe the entire time …if you ever have the chance to see him live I highly recommend it

Israel was the last place I ever expected to find a rock band that fits with my musical taste so well…just one of many unexpected treasures I have found living here 🙂


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