One of the Best artists I have ever stumbled upon, ever

Israel is home to a thriving local music scene, with multiple festivals, major concerts, and small-venue local live music

Asaf Avidan , a local Israeli singer- songwriter played an acoustic set yesterday afternoon  in a small venue at Zappa in Herzliya. He is a one of a kind gem, not only is he an incredibly talented and dedicated artist, he is an engaging storyteller.

Singing only in English, his storytelling (here anyways) was in Hebrew . Asaf’s  lovable, cute and charismatic style shined through and even though we didn’t understand a word of these charming stories (and you could really tell they were charming) we thoroughly enjoyed the experience

We went with friends …who you could say ” have connections” 🙂 thanks to them we had a great table up- front …thanks again Jack and Tamara

He played for over two hours and I was in awe the entire time …if you ever have the chance to see him live I highly recommend it

Israel was the last place I ever expected to find a rock band that fits with my musical taste so well…just one of many unexpected treasures I have found living here 🙂

and then there is the Food Blogger

Lunch in Tel Aviv @ Home at the port was so fantastic I am playing food blogger today …always the inspiring food writer ,restaurant critic ,foodie… one can dream,right? And I figure I have scores of exotic eatery’s to try in the months ahead

 Home at the port located in Hangar 26, Tel Aviv port.

Five Tomato Salad

Relaxing decor, this eatery has wonderful salads as well as other dishes from the region . With a seafront location, they offer many different dishes with fish

Calamari Masabacha

adjacent is a women-only spa and many specialty shops with clothing, a rotating art collection, second-hand books and magazines,sex toys (yes,you read that right), workshops, garden tools, designer items and fair-trade products) are connected to the restaurant


Apollonia National Park ,Israel

Standing at the entrance of the fortress

The hot temperatures and high humidity this time of year make it hard to want to do anything except go to the beach, Apollonia National Park was a reasonable choice because it is a fairly small archaeological site located on the sea…  after exploring we hiked down and found a beautiful little spot on the beach and went for a swim

The ruins overlooking the Mediterranean are surrounded by a wide moat