Mahhhh Jongg

 Not a particularly Israeli thing to do…and not particularly my thing either

I was invited to join a group of international ladies that get together weekly and play.

I will consider myself successful if I can just learn the game …

  Mah Jongg … a somewhat complicated board game similar to Rummy played with tiles.

 The main objective is to build sets with the tiles through drawing and discarding them. In different variants it has different tiles but it is always played by four players

The ladies I met today have lived all over the world, and have interesting stories to tell. I love people and learning new things.

So, I will keep an open mind and we’ll see where this goes!

Settling in

We have arrived in Israel 🙂 time for settling in   …I am looking forward to rediscovering this beautiful country . It was so heart warming to see the boys excitement being back here , it’s funny, Israel really feels like our second home ♥

after a week of adjusting, my husband has started back at work and our two boys started surf camp.

now it’s time to brush up on my hebrew…not that I learned to speak the language the last time I was here or anything, but I am happy to say so many words and phrases are coming back to me. We will start our lessons ( pimsleur hebrew) this week as a family…