Hands down. No excuse. Just go.

all of our worldly possession boxed up and ready to be put into storage...I feel so free!

all of our worldly possessions boxed up and ready to be put into storage…I feel so incredibly free! Tomorrow we are selling my husband’s car , we sold mine last week

The movers come today,so here I am again, in this all too familiar situation of packing up my life, heading out into the unknown. In one week we will be on our way to a new adventure

This will be our 5th relocation assignment and the 2nd time on an international assignment

Do we go,do we not go ,what about the kids they’re so much older now,my aging mother,the security situation, it’s the middle east

We have many good friends in Phoenix,we have built a wonderful life here.  makes it harder to leave

we both agreed hands down,no excuse to just go.